About Us

PoliceVoice.com reports: Welcome,  we coordinately invite you to join us on our journey in life to be the outlet you’ve always been looking for!  Our mission is to allow anyone and everyone to voice their opinion and rise up for the police across America and the world!  We often will solicit your feedback good or bad, we believe in everyone and believe everyone has the right to be heard.  Now, of course we certainly will not allow racist comments or threats of violence to corrupt our mission and we must say hate has no place in our  hearts.  We will not contact law enforcement agencies when it comes to any active law enforcement officer’s participation and or posting on this website.  We will not give up anyone’s name, address or any identifying information as we do not keep anyone’s information as there is no reason to.

This website is open to the public and if you have any questions we would refer you to our terms & conditions and or privacy policy for specifics.  Remember, you do not have to be a police officer or any kind of law enforcement officer to post on this site.  However, we must warn everyone this site is frequented by City, County, State and Federal law enforcement agencies. Why? Well, a community of law enforcement goes along way and there are literally thousands of officers, retired officers around the world who like to participate in rising up for the police and being heard around the world.  Yes, new media outlets also come around looking to see the juicy news but mostly are here to read.  We invite the each of you to put your two-cents in where you believe it should go.  The United States Constitution allows for freedom of speech and as a streaming news website we intend to bring you any and all news from around the world.  Please join us on our long journey in life!

Lastly, this site is mostly based on conservative political views, however, you’re invited to post your comments as long as we keep things wholesome. It should be noted if you’re a part of any organization such as black lives matter and you believe you’re going to come here and bash the police you will be deleted immediately. If you’re a part of any hate organization such as black panthers movement, political race baiter, or just a police hater in general then this is not the place for you. We will not tolerate any silly rants by activists who have an axe to grind with the police. There is definitely room for debates and arguments, however, like I said if you’re out of control you will be deleted from our Facebook and Twitter page in a matter of seconds.  So then, now you know what we’re all about come join us and be, “The Voice For Law Enforcement.”