Abolish Malicious Prosecution Shield

The police can no longer fight the inevitable when it comes to our city and county government officials who fall to political pressure.  Officers have come to the realization they will no longer be backed by their local district attorney and most likely will held accountable anytime anyone raises a stink.  This will undoubtedly change civilian policing as we once knew it but the fact still remains we must have police in place to maintain civil order in nearly every corner of the world.  Our method to our madness really does not make sense, however, I must say it is a possibility our country does go to federal civilian policing across the board.  Even if it does, it will not fix the problem as it relates to people complaining of police actions.  Why?  Well, if you think about if for a moment it is pretty simple, people are people no matter what title you give him they are destine to make mistakes along the way. So, if a federal police officer in Perris, CA. as an example does something questionable in societies eye then he or she will be subject to the same ridicule and will be subject to the same local D.A. who will hold the person accountable. If the D.A. is held responsible then it will all go away. Meaning, currently you can’t do anything to the D.A. if you win your case, even if you lose you can’t do anything as far as a civil remedy.

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