If you have an emergency, hang up and call 911.  Yes, we’ve all heard this same recording mostly on civilian recordings or even at police departments non-emergency lines. 911 was made up for people to have an easier way to call the police versus going through additional digits or numerals before getting in touch with the police in emergency situations. For those of you who are older you can remember the day in where we would call “0” for the operator and have them connect you with the police.  Well, those are mostly over due to 911 taking over, however, there are still some jurisdictions who do not have the 911 system and people still call the operator for assistance to contacting the police.  Did  you know that 911 is regulated?  You can check the website at 911.gov, which will give you basic details about the universal 911 system. Okay then, so what is in store for the future?  The “New Generation 911” is coming in where we will see changes on how 911 can be used based on technology. You will be able to text to your police department, but not only text but images as well and possibly audio recordings among other features.

You and will both see how technology has evolved and enjoy all the good things to come.  Take a look at this video and it will give you somewhat of an idea how 911 will change the future.  Please remember, 911 is for emergencies and not for every day police business.  Make sure to teach this to your children and tell your friends to keep it wholesome as it will certainly change our communication efforts with the police.

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